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What is a juice cleanse?

A juice cleanse is a detox diet that usually involves drinking only vegetable and fruit juice for a certain period of time ranging from 1-10 days. Cleansing helps improve digestion by introducing healthy enzymes that make the gut work more efficiently, allowing your body to focus its energy on other things such a mental clarity.


What is cold-pressed juice?

Cold-pressed juice uses a specialized juicing machine to crush and press fruits and veggies to extract the juice. Unlike many juice companies, we do not use blenders which use spinning blades and so compromise the integrity of the nutrients. Cold-pressed juice will also has a longer shelf life than blended juice, making it a better choice for cleansing.

At Sprout Therapy, we use a Good Nature Press. This machine uses 2000 pounds of pressure to extract all the goodness from our produce and create the healthiest and most nutrient dense juices on the market.


Do you use local & organic products?

We source fresh ingredient that are organic, spray free and local whenever possible.


Do you use glass or plastic?

We use glass bottles. Our environmental impact is very important to us. Unfortunately, at this time, we can not accept bottle returns due to COVID-19.  Any glass depot will refund you. 


Why does the juice cost so much?

Each bottle has POUNDS of fresh produce. We use the best equipment to maximize the quality of our juice, and cold-pressing tonnes of produce is  labour intensive. We aim to bring you a premium product, and save you the hassle of juicing at home. And of course you can’t put a price on feeling amazing!


How long do your juices last?

When stored properly, our juices will last 3-7 days.


Will I be hungry?

Most of our products are very filling, but if you're still feeling a little peckish try our Howser OTC shot! It's made with lemon—a natural hunger suppressant—as well as cinnamon, ginger and MCT oil. If you feel hungry it is likely due to an adjustment from your regular eating habits. Feel free to add salads, organic fruit, or other snacks like our in-house smoothies to your day. You can also indulge in plenty of water and herbal tea! Mint tea is great way to ride the sugar craving wave!


Will I lose weight?

Consuming only cold-pressed juice gives your digestive system an opportunity to rest, giving your body more energy and get-up-and-go! Our ingredients include lemon, lime, mint oil, and jalepenos. Jalepenos contain an enzyme called capsaicin which boosts your metabolism by 5%! That being said, we do not recommend a cleanse as a method of weight loss. During a juice cleanse your calorie intake will be reduced. This may cause a small amount of weight loss, however this is not the intention of a juice cleanse.


Do the juices contain a lot of sugar?

Our juices do not have any added sugar, fillers, or preservatives, although they do contain naturally occurring sugars. If you are looking for juices that are particularly low in sugar, try our Banner or Moyer which is made only of green produce! Remember, not all sugar is created equal. Even juices that contain naturally occurring sugars are packed full of nutrients and will always be a better choice than processed fruit juices or other sugar laden beverages.


Is there protein & fibre in the juice?

The soluble fibre in cold-pressed juice actually makes the nutrients more bioavailable than eating the fruits and vegetables. Most veggies and fruit contain little to no protein or fat.


How will I feel during a cleanse?

Juicing alleviates stress in your digestive system, energizing your body and giving it time to heal. Depending on what your diet and lifestyle are like prior to completing a cleanse, it is normal to experience side effects as your body detoxes. Side effects include headache, bowel disturbances, fatigue, weakness, hunger and cravings.


Do I need to drink the juices in the suggested order?

It is recommended that you follow the juice plan! We have taken into account what juices will work best in a particular order to minimize tummy troubles and maximize your energy!


How do I choose which Cleanse to do? 1-day, 2-day, 3-day or 5-day?

It depends on your body, and how far you want to dive into juicing. You know yourself best! If you are a beginner, a 1-day cleanse can be a great place to start. Our juice cleanses have been curated to focus on specific areas that you may want to address: digestion, mobility and mental clarity. If you are doing a 3- day cleanse you may choose to do 3 days of our Digestion cleanse, or you may choose to do a day of each option. If you have questions, one of our Sprout Therapy Juice Gurus will be happy to point you toward the right combo of therapists!


Can I substitute one juice for another?

We recommend you follow the cleanses as prescribed; however, if you have an allergy or strong dislike for a certain fruit or veggie, let us know. We want you to enjoy the cleansing process and will help you find the right combination of therapists!


Can I exercise while on a cleanse?

We recommend avoiding intense exercise while on a cleanse. Low-impact exercise like swimming, walking, or yoga are encouraged. Take this time to focus on being gentle to your body and mind.


How do I prepare for a cleanse?

To get your body ready for a cleanse, we suggest easing into it by sticking to whole, natural foods for 1 or 2 days prior to starting your cleanse. Choose healthy options like fruit, veggies, nuts and seeds, and avoid high-sugar and processed foods.  It’s a good idea to avoid animal protein the night before starting your cleanse.


How do I exit a cleanse?

When you are done a cleanse, be kind to your body by slowly re-introducing solid foods. You may want to start with salads and soups, or smoothies. You can continue to supplement your day with Sprout Therapy juices or any of our nutrient-dense bowls and snacks. Best rule of thumb for optimum health: always avoid processed foods, sugar and alcohol as much as possible!

Can I drink coffee on a cleanse?

Caffeinated beverages should not be consumed during your cleanse. Try to phase out coffee 2 to 3 days before your cleanse to aid in having a smooth detox process with limited headaches.


Can I drink alcohol on a cleanse?

Hard "no"! We promise, that will not end well!


Can I chew gum on a cleanse?

Gums are often full of additives or sugar replacements. Best to avoid while cleansing!


I am diabetic, can I do a cleanse?

In some of our juices there is a high concentration of natural sugars. With any disease or ailment, we recommend referring to your healthcare professional for a recommendation.


Is a cleanse safe while pregnant?

Our juices are made in the freshest, least processed way possible. They are not pasteurized to aid in maintaining the maximum nutritional content. It is not recommended for pregnant women to consume unpasteurized products. There is always the chance you could get sick, even though we are diligent with cleanliness and food safety in our juicing kitchen. Best bet; take care of your yourself and that little sweet pea with lots of healthy whole food options!

What happens in the instance of a power outage?

Due to the nature of our juice it needs to stay cold. Because of this a prolonged loss of power may cause the juice to spoil if it is not kept in a cold space. In the case of a power outage Sprout Therapy is not liable for any loss. For wholesale and retail loss should be claimed through insurance.

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