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How to Cleanse

How to Cleanse

Before You Cleanse

Cleansing is more than just drinking juice for a specific number of days and going back to your everyday diet. To feel the full benefits of a cleanse it is good practice to prepare for it. Eating a plant-based diet and cutting out processed foods, reducing sugar, caffeine and alcohol intake all play a beneficial part to ensuring you get the best results from your cleanse.

Preparing your own meals and taking control of what you put in your system before starting a cleanse will help you see success as you go through your cleanse. So, what should you do to prepare for the best cleanse experience?

1: Increase your water intake. If you drink a lot of sugar heavy drinks cutting those out early will help.

2: Eat more plant-based foods, cutting out processed foods and making your own meals at home will help you on your cleansing journey.

3: Correct your sleep schedule. This one might seem out of place, but getting proper sleep and getting into a routine will help you see success while cleansing.

4: Ensure you get regular activity. All of these steps are important to maintaining a balanced healthy lifestyle, and they’re good lifestyle habits to keep beyond your cleanse.   

How to Cleanse

Cleansing can be done over any number of days, from one day to seven. Following the below routine when cleansing will ensure you pace yourself and are satisfied throughout the day.

Start your day off with a warm glass of water or green tea. If you need to add a little flavor to your water a splash of lemon does the trick!

Be sure to cut out any sugars or caffeine while cleansing.

When you would normally have your breakfast drink your first juice, drinking an additional juice every 60 to 90 minutes until you hit the last one. Each cleanse we offer has a recommended order to drink your juice in. To follow that order, visit the pages below.

Have a glass of water between each juice to help your system flush itself. Depending on the number of days you do for your cleanse you would repeat those steps for each day.

Our Cleanses

Anti-Inflammatory Session, Digestion Session, Balance Session, Green Session

Post Cleanse

The end of your cleanse should look pretty similar to the pre-cleanse preparation. After cleansing you don’t want to go back to eating heavily processed or sugary foods right away. Eating a balanced healthy diet, maintaining a healthy sleep schedule, and getting mobile are all key to keeping yourself on track to a happier healthier you.

If you go back to eating greasy, heavy foods immediately after your cleanse you will notice the effects, they have on your body fairly quickly. But one of the benefits of cleansing is that it helps cut those cravings.

Common Questions:

Can I eat during my cleanse?

No, eating during your cleanse counters the benefits of cleansing. Cleansing is meant to give your gut a break from the hard to digest fibers and to allow your system to reset itself while ensuring you get the nutrients you need.

How many days should I cleanse?

It depends on what you intend to accomplish with your cleanse. However, we recommend a minimum of three days to really start feeling the benefits of the cleanse.

Will I be hungry during my cleanse?

Generally speaking, no, in fact we often have people tell us they find cleansing to be quite filling. You should find while cleansing that you’re satisfied and will likely notice those cravings you typically get throughout the day start to go away.

What cleanse is best for me?

This will depend on what you need the most. I recommend taking a look at each of our cleanse pages to see the benefits they provide and make a decision based on that. However, if you’re still unsure we are happy to help you choose.

I have specific dietary requirements, is cleansing OK for me?

I would recommend checking with your doctor before committing to a cleanse if you have any health issues that require special attention to your diet.

How often should I cleanse?

This is up to you. We have many people who cleanse once a month, others who cleanse every other week, and some who cleanse as they feel the need, or before a big event/trip. Cleansing isn’t “once size fits all” process. You should cleanse based on your own needs and desires. If that means cleansing once a year to get back on track to a better healthy diet, then once a year is perfect. If it means doing it monthly, then do it monthly.

Figure out what frequency works best for you and go from there. This will ensure a continued success while cleansing. Often times with any lifestyle change we fall off the track because we push to do more than we are ready for. So moving at your own pace will end in the best results.

Why cleanse with Sprout Therapy Juice vs other brands?

At Sprout Therapy our juice is cold pressed, raw, and never pasteurized. There are no hidden, added sugars or additives to prolong the life of the juice. What you get is pure juice at its finest. Juice that is full of living enzymes and the nutrients we all need in our day to day lives. Our cleanses were built with specific needs in mind making it easy for you to choose what ones work best for you. Whether its several days of the same cleanse or a mix of different cleanses during your cleansing session.


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